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The Wine Club

Join Our Exclusive Winery Family!

Members receive our new releases for a huge discount.  Two bottles of a new release and one bottle of something different are shipped to you every three months.  Receive three bottles every shipment for a 15% discount, or choose to receive 6 bottles every shipment for a 22% discount, or 12 bottles for a 26% discount.  You also get a free glass of wine whenever you visit our tasting room, and free tastings for friends and family you bring and expose to the tasting room.  A personalized etched glass with a name of your choosing will either be shipped to you, or hung on our tasting room wall (if space allows).  Members also enjoy a 10% discount on all in store and online wine purchases, and discounts to our special events.

Your card will be charged every three months when we are preparing the clubs.  The three bottle club is $88 per shipment, the six bottle club is $143 per shipment, and the 12 bottle club is $268.  These prices include shipping, but do not include tax (if applicable).  If you pick up your wine club at our tasting room, we deduct $7 from the price of the club.  Wine clubs ship four times per year – March, June, September, and December.  Whenever you first sign up, you will be shipped the club that is in that season (e.g. if you sign up in October you will be immediately shipped September’s club, and then the next one will be in December).



Club Benefits

Free Glass of Wine in the Tasting Room
10% Discount on Regular Purchases
Guaranteed Allocation of Wines
Discount on Special Events
Heavy Discount on New Releases
Personalized, Etched Tasting Glass



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