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Barber Cellars’ Library Wines

Limited quantities of older vintage Sonoma County and Petaluma Gap wines

by Mike and Lorraine Barber, owners/founders/growers/winemakers/wine bottlers/tasting room decorators and staff at Petaluma’s Barber Cellars Winery.



We think wine is for drinking, moreso than sitting around in a cellar. 

Having said that, no question, well-crafted wines do get even better with age. So, we do hold back a limited selection of bottles from each release of our wines. These bottles rest in excellent controlled conditions, with consistent temperature and humidity.

You know the Barber Cellars drill: We dry-farm our own organic fruit, then handpick and hand bottle, unfiltered and unfined, so what you taste is a pure expression of our Petaluma Gap and Sonoma County vineyards‘ terroir.

Why Barber Cellars’ wines age beautifully

As wine lovers know, every grape and every year is different. However, our style of wine-making tends toward relatively lower alcohol, balanced tannins, and higher acidity. These are qualities that help wine mature gradually and elegantly. The full complexity and flavor emerges over time.

From time to time, we make limited-quantity older vintages available to our customers exclusively through our tasting room. 

Please note that our library offerings sell out quickly.

Welcome to our library wine collection, where the past meets the present in the most delicious way possible. 



Currently pouring in the tasting room:

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2017 Mr Beast Zinfandel library wine
2017 Mr Beast Zinfandel


2017 Grayhaven Pinot Noir sold out
2019 Grayhaven Pinot Noir


2018 The Gray Haven Pinot Noir Barber Cellars
2018 The Gray Haven Pinot Noir


2019 Zinmaster Zinfandel Barber Cellars
2019 Zinmaster Zinfandel

2019 GrayHaven Pinot one day only in Barber Cellars Petaluma tasting room