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'Dolcezza' Zinfandel Chocolate Sauce

Short description

Sweet, soft, sinful chocolate zinfandel deliciousness!  'Dolcezza' is our 'Mr Beast' zinfandel reduced into a dutch chocolate sauce recipe by a napa chocolatier.  It's a rich, vibrant, and slightly alcoholic sauce perfect for pouring over ice cream and cakes, mixing into coffee, or making pastries.  Click on 'full description' for a Zuccotto recipe using the sauce - my favorite use.

Full description

ZUCCOTTO - (Italian upside down cream cake)


-        nonstick cooking spray

-        1 (12 oz.) loaf pound cake

-        ¼ cup brandy

-        6 oz. Dolcezza Chocolate Sauce

-        2 cups whipping cream

-        ½ tsp. pure almond extract

-        ¼ cup powdered sugar

-        ½ cup sliced almonds, toasted, coarsely crumbled

-        unsweetened cocoa powder


  1. Spray a 1 ½ quart bowl with non stick cooking spray.  Line the bowl with plastic wrap.  Cut the pound cake crosswise in 1/3 inch thick slices. Cut each slice diagonally in half, forming 2 triangles.  Line the bottom and sides of the prepared bowl with the cake triangles (this will be the dome shape top of the entire cake).  Brush some of the brandy over the cake triangles lining the bowl.  Reserve some extra triangles.
  2. Beat 2 cups of cream in a large bowl until it is thick and fluffy with firm peaks(you can use an electric mixer, and it helps if the bowl is ice cold).  Separate half of the whipped cream into another large bowl and mix the ‘Dolcezza’ chocolate sauce into this whipped cream.  Spread the chocolate cream over the cake, covering completely and creating a well in the center.
  3. Add almond extract and powdered sugar into the remaining non-chocolate whipped cream.  Fold in the almonds. Spoon this mixture into the center of the well of filling.
  4. Brush the remaining cake triangles with brandy and arrange them, brandy side down, over the cake – covering the filling completely and trimming to fit if necessary.  Cover the cake with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 3 hours and up to 1 day.
  5. Invert the cake onto a platter.  Remove the bowl and plastic wrap.  Sift cocoa powder and a drizzle of chocolate sauce on top of the dome. Slice and enjoy!


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